Fundamentals to Know About a Good Payment System

Financial transactions have unarguably become one main part of everyone’s daily routine while cash has been the most popular method of payment for the past few decades. Cash being a tangible payment method, makes the need of always having them physically in wallets which leads to many discrepancies including being robbed and loss of money. This also results in the long waits in queues and waste of time. Financial institutions are therefore rushed into exploring new payment methods complying with the ever-evolving technology. They constantly are in search of a system that makes everyone’s life easy without sacrifices being made with regard to security and functionality. MOBILECASH is one such product developed to address this challenge. It is not just another payment system, it is a combination of a set of richest platforms that will facilitate customers in different tiers. Providing the smoothest functionality ensuring security and reliability MOBILECASH will always mark itself as the best application to assist people in handling their money. MOBILECASH, comprising a web application, mobile app, and an EPOS application provides the user the accessibility to the system in different approaches enabling the concept of any time anywhere transactions. 

    Why MobileCash is significant among all the other online payment systems?

    Pay for anything with MOBILECASH 

Let it be a bill payment, merchant pay or a simple air time top-up, we allow them all. Users are benefited through a simple navigational process which guides them to perform a successful transaction in few easy steps. Once the transaction is fulfilled user will be getting a receipt as a proof document to the payment which contains all the information related to the transaction. 

    Reload your accounts for later withdrawals

Drop by at any of our registered outlets and reload your MOBILECASH account through the EPOS with the help of the merchant. The deposit can be used later for any kind of payment. If you have already signed up with MOBILCASH, all you got to do is to place your fingerprint on the fingerprint reader or the swipe the card to be identified through the card’s magnetic stripe or you need start from creating a new user account which will probably take only a few seconds to get completed.

    Connect through multiple platforms

MOBILECASH has been built upon a strong infrastructure containing a powerful set of platforms. Unlike other payment systems, we provide users the ability to do transactions through multiple platforms such as EPOSes, mobile app, MOBILECASH web portal and the USSD gateway. User is welcomed to fulfill their financial needs in whatever a convenient way. 

    Payments through fingerprint / card swipe

Visit any of our MOBILECASH outlets and do your transactions in a few easy steps. If you’re new to the system, create a MOBILECASH account with the help of the merchant or simply get the access to your MOBILCASH account through fingerprint authentication or card swipe. We save your biometrics at the very moment that your account is created and let you do your transactions the next time simply by placing your finger on the fingerprint reader. 

    Join us as a merchant 

Are you thinking of earning some extra cash? Now is time for you to get on board as a MOBILECASH merchant to make good money while facilitating people to do their day to day transactions easily and conveniently. We register you as a merchant and after the verification process, we assign you an EPOS machine. All you have to do is to assist customers who stop by at your outlet to perform a transaction. 

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