Reasons why you should consider offshoring

  1. The concept of “Peak” & “Off-peak”


 In the past, companies used to have a fixed peak and off-peak hours based on their business industry. Lately, customers have been expecting more from businesses. Being in a global village, you have no idea what time exactly the business is coming to you. It can be either the daytime or midnight. Even the customers who usually buy stuff from physical stores do their own research before they arrive at the actual physical store. So it is crucial for companies to facilitate 24/7 customer support. Being open up to the globe, companies literally face the fact that every hour being a peak hour of the clock. That’s where an offshore team best fits your requirements. Having a team based in different time zones will help you enormously to tackle with providing constant online presence and instant response.


  1. “On-Call” onsite engineers are a big cost.


When it comes to getting partnered with offshore teams what attracts companies the most is the low cost they offer when compared to local resources. Whether it is American, European or Australian region, having daytime IT professionals is a tricky business that burns a hole in your pocket. Even with equal years of experience in the industry, there’s still a clear-cut difference in the salary range of IT professionals across the globe. Obtaining an offshore team, therefore, reduces spending on hiring, wages, and other operational costs. Plus you will be entrusted with a steady consistency and reliability for the system.


  1. 24/7 IT operation team with the time zone advantage


Suppose you have to implement an urgent update on production servers that you never get a chance to apply during the daytime. What would you do to make the implementation reliable without stressing your daytime workers out? Obviously, the best possible solution is to get the work done during night time. This is where an offshore team can comfortably assist you. With offshore teams, your IT operations will be more efficient and they guarantee your customers a faster response time. All these needs claim the necessity of having a 24/7 online presence in order to sustain and prosper in the business industry.


  1. Cost-effectiveness


The primary concern that companies take into account when getting offshore support is the output they can gain over the capital they invest in. Preventing the increase in costs at recruiting, office setting, operational procedures, and maintenance, will make economies to your business. As you already know, getting teamed up with regional experts is going to cost you a lot of extra money. You probably may have to spend twice or even more as money as on local resources than on you spend on offshoring. Even the hourly rate for software development is super high in European countries compared to Asian countries. Being an Asian country, we assure you absolute cost-effectiveness with continuous development and maintenance support.


  1. Having a certified team


An offshore team helps companies being a fountain of knowledge gained over an array of different projects. They have the potential to provide you with the perfect solution by giving their insights into whatever the dilemma you are facing. By getting partnered with a team of certified specialists, you will not only get people but their experience too. Professionals who already have moved with different scales of projects and gained extensive knowledge will certainly benefit you and your company. This will help you to win over the competition among rivals and attract new contracts and maintain partnerships with existing clients.


  1. Regular maintenance of projects


There are a number of chances out there that your software is not in safe hands. If you’re involved with the IT industry, you already know how important it is to do the maintenance regularly. Being a startup or a well-established company, it is crucial to be confident that your sensitive information is secured and protected against all possible security breaches down there. Regular software maintenance is the first and foremost solution to overcome this challenge. A dedicated offshore team consisting of a broad range of specialized skills can always keep an eye on software systems and ensure your environment is held in an optimal and compliant state.



  1. Save capital expenditure 


Hiring a new employee costs you an arm and leg. From recruiting to arranging the office space and creating a nice atmosphere, it’s going to be a whole lot of expenses and it seems unlikely to make your finance team happy. When you get along with offshoring you don’t have to spend any money on office equipment or infrastructure anymore. With offshore development, this issue is fixed and you can get the advantage of a guaranteed, fully-functioned product developed with years of experience. You can just go ahead and make your team get started with the project to perform daily operations reliably so that you can put your best foot forward to focus on the company’s strategy and future goals.


  1. Flexibility & Scalability 


Offshore projects eliminate the need for having full-time in-house employees that you might need for one single project. You can easily hire an offshore team for your next project and once it’s done you are free to call off the service. A highly qualified set of professionals who are already familiar with a myriad project can jump right into development as they always have a sense of possible flaws and business dilemmas. Go that extra step further, take the low-risk growth strategy of offshoring and get your organization a competitive edge.


  1. Working together as a team


Using an offshore team will save your time and money as they already have the experience of working together as a team. No wonder you are going to rise above the competition. You could be benefited immensely through the shared knowledge and experience that an experienced offshore team has obtained over the years. Offshore teams have the required skill-set and by getting partnered, you explore global talents all over the world. This growing exposure to talent due to software offshoring leads to a competitive advantage for the company.



  1. Better work-life balance


Among all the business owners who love what they do, the one thing they don’t have is work-life balance. It may not a key success factor, yet has the greatest influence on the company’s productivity and quality of work life. It always has been a challenge to make sure that your business operations are running smoothly on holidays. There are a number of cases where employees quit because of the constant pressure and being woken up from their sleep. Guaranteeing work-life balance while maximizing the quality of work is kind of a tricky business. This is where an offshore team comes in handy to make you an idol among your local teams whilst facilitating to concentrate on strengthening other core processes.

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