Vee Power (Pvt) Ltd Launches their Brand and Website at the Kingsbury Hotel Colombo

The launch of a product or service has always been a nerve wrecking moment for all entrepreneurs and start up CEOs. It may be the start of something great and result in a long successful journey ahead. Vee Power Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a Leading power distribution panel manufacturing company equipped with modern sophisticated industrial machines providing total power solutions and intelligent Panel Board Solutions along with a competent and well experienced technical team. With such a good brand in the making the team wanted to launch a new website at their main event. The launch should also signify the vision and mission of Vee Power. TrumpCode stepped up and rose to the occasion with an innovative and attractive launch strategy. A countdown page was set up and with just a click the website was launched with a small background theme music. It certainly did the trick and attracted many customers at the launch, thus making the new website launch a success.

Event Location : Kingsbury Hotel Colombo

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