Why Digital Marketing is a must for every business today?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of e commerce purchases has increased by 25% globally during last 2 decades. It is also forecasted that the online purchases will uplift by 95% by 2040. It is crystal clear that the reason for this tremendous growth of social media is due to the users increased during the last 2 decades. Social media platforms emerged with the invention of internet in 1970s. Lately with the enormous rise of a number of social media platforms, social media marketing has been becoming the most rapidly increasing marketing strategy.

Regardless of the business’s capacity, today almost all the entrepreneurs who step into the business industry are tend to focus on e marketing which helps them in acquiring customers in great deal. You may have manufactured an excellent product which enhances human life enormously. But with right Marketing Strategy has not been found you are still going to end unhappily with all your products left in stores. Whether it is Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing the first thing that must pop on your head is to find the Target Market.  

Once the right customer is identified all what you have to do is to come up with a proper Marketing Plan. Either for a small or large scale business a well-planned Digital Marketing Strategy would be the optimum solution to boost sales. As simple as that sounds, a perfectly organized Digital Marketing Campaign would allow your audience to reach you within seconds. Which is by the way would make the life so easier of both the seller and customer.  

What is extremely important in Internet Marketing is that a seller will get the opportunity to get the approach to their audience from all over the world. Even for a huge company who has been dominating the market in a certain region has the potential to grow internationally.  

How can we optimize Internet Marketing to increase turnover?  

We as Trump Code provide Digital Marketing Services to our clients across the globe. We are a local business based in Sri Lanka who deliver Information Technology and Services. With the experts having years of experience in the industry we have identified the easiest yet the most effective way to address this dilemma is to build up a carefully planned Digital Marketing Strategy based on the specific requirements of the client.   

We approach the ultimate target by going through the following mentioned paces subsequently.  

  • Build awareness  

We identify your target market and then focus on making awareness among. The greater the brand awareness the bigger the sales. Which is why we believe having a strong brand awareness will lead you to have a strong base of loyal customers who will rely on you no matter how many competitors step into the industry. Being YouTube one the main social media platforms around and videos themselves are a great source to build awareness, we emphasize this social service for the brand awareness.  

  • Engage  

Just stop for a while and think! How did you get know your most recent fashion addict?  

Are they the TV channels, newspaper advertisements or social media platforms you’re thinking of? I bet the answer would be “Social Media” of 4, 5th. With this ongoing trend identified we are intended of getting you the organic followers and likes on Facebook and Instagram who will always count on you.  Search engine Optimization which is abbreviated as SEO is the key technique we employ in this phase. We provide you the perfect content embedded with all possible key words which are most likely to be typed by your targeted audience in search engines.  

  • Enrich  

To step into the next tier we carry out a vast marketing campaign through target ads which is of course a primary tool of Digital Marketing. It is not annoying at all as a user simply can scroll down and avoid advertisement if they’re not big fans while an interested one is guided to the business profile on a single click. We would also keep cookies which is of course after notifying the user properly for future marketing purpose.  

  • Measure  

Last but not least what we need to do is to evaluate the success of the campaign carried out. Most importantly we need to compare the previously set campaign goals with the actual results we have gained at the end of the process. We measure the success of the Marketing Strategy using Google analytics.  

To sum up I would remind you of this famous quote as it is said that You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. So, have courage, take next step to build yourself for a better version of you.  

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