Core Banking

TrumpCore Banking Solution provides a comprehensive range of core banking software solution built to easily integrate and comply with regulatory requirements. Powered by cutting-edge technology, TrumpCore Banking solution is a compatible and infinitely scalable solution.

TrumpCore’s banking solution helps banks overcome the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins, and increased customer expectations by creating a unique competitive advantage built upon improved profitability and an extended customer reach.

TrumpCore un-parallel innovative core banking platform is offered to

Core operation

Digital & Mobile banking Services

Merchant payment integration

We make your payment integration straightforward and secure. Our payment integration enhances the customer experience with all the high-end features it contains

5 Reasons why you need to switch to Trump Core

  1. The whole scope of keeping financial instruments including investment funds, store accounts and so on are accessible from any area
  2. Precise, auspicious and real-time data about client relations
  3. Easy adaptability to new financial products and manage changes in existing product
  4. Reduction in operational and support expenses
  5. Focus more on sales & marketing while entrusting the system for a smooth the banking process.