Reasons why you should consider offshoring

The concept of “Peak” & “Off-peak”    In the past, companies used to have a fixed peak and off-peak hours based on their business industry. Lately, customers have been expecting more from businesses. Being in a global village, you have no idea what time exactly the business is coming to you. It can be either the daytime or midnight. Even

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8 Signs You Should Invest In a Mobile App To Boost Your Business

As customers continue to develop with the technological advancements, businesses need to adapt to the leading-edge technology in order to survive. It is explicitly stated that the amount of mobile users has taken over the number of desktop users over the past decade primarily due to the ease of usability. People in the globe where we reside today have tight

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Welcome to the TrumpCode Website. Enlightening a new life to our organization, we have successfully launched our website for our customers with reams of new features. Designing it in order to showcase the new trend of web technology and carving its use to the ‘one page concept’ giving the user an ease of use of the website and navigation. In

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